What is Magnetic Paint

Bulletin board

Apply magnetic wallpaint in a rectangular shape in the kitchen or corridor and top coat it with your wallpaint in any colour.

Now you have transformed part of an ordinary wall into a bulletin board for use with magnets.Stick photos, messages, drawings, fun-magnets with your favourite magnets direct to the wall.


Out goes the sticky tape, dangerous drawing pins and nails. Hang posters and drawings on the wall without damaging the wall.Or make a vertical playground with magnetic wallpaint.

Magnetic wall paint works very well with flexible/printable sheets. Print your favourite design or cartoon-character, cut them out with a pair of scissors and play!


Use on meeting room walls which allows engineers, architects, planners and other professionals to post design plans, charts and photographs with no damage to the wall or the visual material.

In combination with printable sheets ideal for storyboarding drama.


Do you have an ever changing assortment? Use magnetic paint in stores to allow managers to change store displays, promote sale items, and advertise new products, quickly and easily.

Custom magnet sets can work for any kind of display.

You can find more ideas for the use of Magnetic Paint here