What is Magnetic Paint


Magnetic Paint comes ready to use. Do not thin and never combine this product with another paint. Mix paint throughly with a stirring stick just prior to use. Apply a generous coat with a foam brush or foam roller. A foam brush yields the smoothest surface. If paint is to be applied on just a portion of a wall, apply masking tape border to the area, prior to painting, for a clean line. Spraying is not recommended. For best results, apply at temperature of 20°C.

One liter will cover approximately over 5 square meter with one coat. Multiple coats increase magnetic receptability. Two to three coats are recommended to hold flexible "refrigerator" magnets.

Surface preparation  

Proper surface preparation is essential for a long-lasting finish. Paint will not adhere to dirt, grease or water solubles such as wallpaper paste or glue sizing. Remove all loose or peeling paint. Blend edges by sanding. Wash surface with water and detergent, rinse well and allow to dry.

Chalking surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with water and a scrub brush. Remove loose material from cracks and holes, and fill with a quality spackling compound. When dry, sand smooth and wipe free of dust with a damp cloth. Smooth surfaces work best, rough concrete or cinderblock surfaces are not recommended. For good adhesion to gloss or semi gloss surfaces scuff the surface with sand-paper and use a liquid deglosser.

Drying time  

Low temperatures and high humidity will inhibit drying. Magnetic Paint is dry to the touch after 4 hours (at 21 C / rel. humidity 70%). A second coat of Magnetic Paint or a top coat finish may be applied after 24 hrs.

A top coat is not necessary, if a dark gray color is an acceptable finish.

Clean - up  

All tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with warm soapy water. Spills and spatters should be wiped up with a damp cloth before they dry.


If you want to be able to remove Magnetic Paint at a later time, apply the paint over a strippable (removeable) wall paper.

latex paint

Magnetic Paint is a water-based, lead-free, 100% acrylic latex coating. It conforms to environmental EC and VOC regulations, produces low odor, and allows for easy application and clean up.

Use on any smooth surface where you would use latex paint.

top coat

Magnetic Paint dries to a dark gray color with a slight texture which may be lightly sanded.

Magnetic Paint may be top coated with any color latex or enamel paint, or wall paper (if applying wallpaper on top, test a small area first to make sure there is enough magnetic attraction).

Wait 24 hours before applying any top coat. Due to the dark color of the paint, at least two topcoats are recommended.

General interest  

The material meets the needs of the norm BS EN 713: Safety of toys. Specification for migration of certain elements (test report 0533/3220, Eurofins Scientific / test report 007.64082/01.01 TNO industrie).

CAUTION: Avoid prolonged contact with skin or breathing vapors in enclosed spaces. Do not take internally. Close resealable container after each use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

Does not contain lead.